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Antenna theory: analysis and design, 4th edition

Antenna theory: analysis and design, 4th edition

Autor: By Constantine A. Balanis
Editorial: WILEY
Planes: 1096
Edició: 4a edició
ISBN: 9781118642061
Preu: 169 €

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Updated with color and gray scale illustrations, a companion website housing supplementary material, and new sections covering recent developments in antenna analysis and design

This book introduces the fundamental principles of antenna theory and explains how to apply them to the analysis, design, and measurements of antennas. Due to the variety of methods of analysis and design, and the different antenna structures available, the applications covered in this book are made to some of the most basic and practical antenna configurations. Among these antenna configurations are linear dipoles; loops; arrays; broadband antennas; aperture antennas; horns; microstrip antennas; and reflector antennas. The text contains sufficient mathematical detail to enable undergraduate and beginning graduate students in electrical engineering and physics to follow the flow of analysis and design. Readers should have a basic knowledge of undergraduate electromagnetic theory, including Maxwell’s equations and the wave equation, introductory physics, and differential and integral calculus.

Presents new sections on flexible and conformal bowtie, Vivaldi antenna, antenna miniaturization, antennas for mobile communications, dielectric resonator antennas, and scale modeling
Provides color and gray scale figures and illustrations to better depict antenna radiation characteristics
Includes access to a companion website housing MATLAB programs, Java-based applets and animations, Power Point notes, Java-based interactive questionnaires and a solutions manual for instructors
Introduces over 100 additional end-of-chapter problems

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