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Autor: Reyes, Pedro
Editorial: MCGRAW HILL
Paginas: 160
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 28-03-2011
ISBN: 9780071634977
Precio: 75 €

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Written by the Director of the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management at Baylor University, RFID in the Supply Chain offers expert insight to help you decide whether, when, and how to use RFID technology to improve supply chain management processes.
This informative volume provides a technological overview of RFID and explains the three architecture layers of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) global standards: identify, capture, and exchange. Building consensus for RFID adoption as well as security and privacy concerns are discussed. Real-world case studies illustrate the broad range of RFID applications across industries. A summary of RFID benefits and a look ahead at future implementations conclude this detailed resource.
Coverage includes:
Technical overview of RFID technology basics and systems components
Advantages and limitations of RFID
EPC global industry standards
Operational, technical, and financial challenges in designing RFID applications
RFID security and privacy concerns and solutions
Business analytics and building the business case for RFID implementation
Improved supply chain visibility
Improved asset visibility and capital goods tracking
Work-in-progress tracking--managing internal supply chains
Library management systems
Returnable asset tracking
Features 32 case studies of successful RFID implementation at:
Gillette * Charles Vogele Group * Intermountain Healthcare * Walter Reed Army Medical Center * AeroScout * Erlangen University Hospital (Germany) * Royal Phillips Electronics * Pro-X Pharmaceuticals * Endware Defense Systems * National Library Board Singapore * Belgian University Library * Rewe Group * and many others
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